Tree Of Sounds – Our Move

Premiered on 1 Dec 2018

We are presenting our first song “Our Move”.
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Tree Of Sounds

Alicja Andrejczuk
Klaudia Borczyk
Laura Brol
Ewa Hadamik
Kinga Jędrzejek
Justyna Karankowska
Ada Kiepura

Maciej Chrobok – guitar
Michał Lech – guitar
Beniamin Pilch – Drums
Robert Lubowiecki – Percussion
Kuba “Woux” Wołkiewicz – Bass
Artur Wypich – Keys & Loops

Our Move
Music&Mix: Artur Wypich
Lyrics: Artur Wypich, Ewa Hadamik, Brian Fentress
Mastering: Michał Lipiński
Graphic design: WouX
Recording engineer: ROBS – Technika Estradowa. Robert Stysz.

Media Patronage:
– Radio EM
– Katowice Miasto Ogrodów
– Katowice dla odmiany
– Regionalny Instytut Kultury w Katowicach
– Grupa Idea Mia – Idealny Event


This is all ‘bout You
‘bout You this is what we do!
You gave us something new
And now we know what to do, ooh

When He calls, fellows,
(We) can’t say no!
Now’s our move – let’s go
(To) grow in love!

Sitting here is not enough!
Get your body moving!
Feel the rhythm of your heart!
Feel the beat, don’t lose it!

Focus on your deepest part
Let Him make it brighter!
Sing and dance – with all your heart
It’s worship’s fire starter!

Let’s sing!
Let’s dance!
Move your body!

How to thank You Lord
You give us so much love!
We want to praise You more
With flow, in a row, oh, oh, let’s go!

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